Executive English Speaking

Lessons are topic based and primarily focused on fluency. This will give you the opportunity to practise English at your own level with the help of a professional, experienced and friendly teacher not only developing your fluency but also improving pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. The course is very structured and designed to increase you confidence when speaking English in professional surroundings.

What do we talk about?

Topics are tailored to each student and usually aimed at their particular fields. These can vary from: business news, art, current affairs, finance, fashion, job interview preparation, business talk, technology, sports, health to basically anything that will help you formulate an opinion or use language to express with the help of you teacher. We place great emphasis on correction with the result that you learn how to express yourself properly, and NOT ramble on making the same mistakes.

Here are just some of the situations you feel more comfortable with:

  • Office Basics
  • Small Talk
  • Computers & Technological Developments
  • Explanations and Presentations
  • Meetings & Negotiations
  • Phone Calls & Teleconferences
  • Talking to Coworkers
  • Talking to Business People
  • Talking to Subordinates
  • Business Trips
  • Discussing Reports
  • Review Process
  • Lesson summaries

After each lesson you are emailed a Lesson Summary Page with notes and comments about your conversation session. This is free and included at no extra cost.

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