Executive Business English

Today, more than ever before, especially in leadership roles (but not only), it is absolutely crucial to get your message across and understood. Badly written or oral communication can not only lead to costly misunderstandings, but also to serious damage of the company`s reputation. To help you and your company avoid such pitfalls, we offer the Executive Business English Course. This course will be tailor-fit to help you improve all the areas you need to work on and will make you feel far more confident working in English.


Our aim is not just to demonstrate new techniques, but to make sure you can apply what you learn to your own work. After all, whether it is a memo, email, report, or a performance review you have to write, or whether you need to attend meetings, take part in teleconferences, you need to convey the right message and make the right impression.

In this intensive business-writing course, you will learn how to:

  • deal with social encounters, business trips, etc
  • take part in teleconferences more effectively
  • get your key messages across
  • choose an appropriate tone when asking and answering questions
  • establish and build rapport
  • set the right tone
  • make your writing more readable
  • write confidently and clearly
  • construct better sentences
  • build your vocabulary and learn common stock phrases
  • be more confident about your grammar
  • create a positive lasting impression.

This is definitely one of the best business English courses in Zurich. So don`t delay any longer and contact us here for more information about this terrific course.

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Tim Cronin