English for Aviation

Suitable for all pilots and ATCOs who need to improve their ability to communicate effectively in a growing industry. It is also ideal preparation for any professional seeking to attain at least level 4 in the LCAO aviation exam.

Main areas of focus:

  • Language of communication in aviation
  • Ground movements and communication on the ground
  • Runway incursions & environmental hazards
  • Level busts and decision making
  • Approach & landing issues/Technical malfunctions

On completion:

  • Ability to show greater fluency in a number of real life situations
  • Ability to be clearer and more concise
  • Ability to discuss aviation topics with confidence
  • Ability to conduct a clear discussions in a wide range of situations
  • Broad range of new vocabulary and grammar skills and perfect LCAO test preparation

Courses available:

  • In-Company (groups or one-to-one)
  • Private

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