English for Tax Professionals

Suitable for all professionals working as tax consultants, accountants and auditors who need to improve their ability to communicate effectively in this rapidly changing sector. It is ideal for students who need to learn specialised business English and increase their awareness of the sector . The course is suitable for learners at CEF level B2 and upwards.

Main areas of focus:

  • Taxation & Auditing – Meeting clients/Developing rapport
  • Advising employees – Types of taxes/Social security/Tax allowances & Deductions
  • Advising self-employed people – VAT/corporate taxation
  • International taxation – Taxation treaties/Tax havens/International co-operation
  • Auditing –Annual reports/Financial statements/Internal & external auditing
  • Global auditing trends – Creative accounting/Compliance/Risk

On completion:

  • Ability to show greater fluency in a number of face-to-face business situations
  • Ability to draft clearer and more concise business documents
  • Ability to discuss and deal with modern taxation and auditing topics with confidence using up- to-date business terms
  • Ability to accurately describe company products
  • Broad range of new vocabulary and grammar skills

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