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Tim Cronin

Executive Business English

Today, more than ever before, especially in leadership roles (but not only), it is absolutely crucial to get your message across and understood. Badly written or oral communication can not only lead to costly misunderstandings, but also to serious damage of the company`s reputation. To help you and your company avoid such pitfalls, we offer […]

Executive English Speaking

Lessons are topic based and primarily focused on fluency. This will give you the opportunity to practise English at your own level with the help of a professional, experienced and friendly teacher not only developing your fluency but also improving pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. The course is very structured and designed to increase you confidence […]

English for Insurance Professionals

Suitable for all insurance professionals who need to improve their ability to communicate effectively in this rapidly changing sector. It is ideal for students who need to learn the language of more specialised business English. The course is suitable for learners at CEF level B1/B2 and upwards. Main areas of focus: Risk & Reward – […]