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In unserem zunehmend internationalen Umfeld ist Englisch eine Voraussetzung. Tim hat den Unterricht an meinen individuellen Bedürfnissen angepasst, so war ich bestens auf meine Aufgaben im Beruflichen Umfeld vorbereitet. Es war eine grossartige Gelegenheit mit einem nativ speaker zu ueben. Mit Tim Englisch zu lernen ist sehr entspannend und fordernd zugleich.

For more than two years, I’ve been having English, French and Italian conversation lessons with PREMIUM. For English, Tim is a wonderful and powerful teacher, coming to my practice every second week to make me speak English in whatever subject we choose to discuss. It’s always a big pleasure to meet him, as we laugh a lot about things going on in the world and I’ve made quite significant progress in my conversational skills.

French Lessons : Mais aussi en français, grâce à Karine, j’ai bien fait de progrès. Comme Tim pour l’anglais, elle vient me voir deux fois par mois dans mon cabinet pour faire de la conversation en français avec moi. Et ça fait toujours du bien – pour mes connaissance de langue, ainsi que pour la joie.

Italian lessons : E tra un mezz’anno prendo anche delle lezione in Italiano. Mi piace molto come Alessia mi impara la lingua anche ogni seconda settimana. Benché il mio vocabolario Italiano non e ancora grande, ha già fatto dei progressi.

Thank you, merci, grazie
I’m happy to attend the course “Topic & Discussion” course for the following reasons: we are a small group with participants from different business backgrounds, therefore ensuring the best conditions for interesting and instructive lessons. The topics contain a broad spectrum of economic, political and social themes and the grammar is focused on various points. The lessons are challenging because we normally don’t know the agenda in advance (it`s always a topic of the day`s world news). That enables us to give our best with our possibilities and to enhance our horizons. Tim is a very competent and caring teacher who understands how to manage the lessons in a manner all participants can get a maximum of profit (especially with additional homework on a voluntary basis).

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